Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Get Me Out of Here!!! Or How I Completed 23 Things:--)

My favorite part of this journey was the online generator section. I just like to pretend and it was fun. We laughed hysterically one afternoon here as I biked over mountain tops in my underwear...Not a great "thing" in mixed company unless, of course, your'e a "Meez!"

This program has helped me to explore sites and technology I may not have found on my own. It made me "click crazy." Oddly, too, it brought me closer to my teeenagers who just love to laugh at mom's incompetance. They were quite helpful and understanding of "old mom." Naturally, I did not allow them to see me hiking about the desert in my undies...Even if I was just a "Meez."

The 23 Things was made more difficult by its timing. Summer Reading? Remember that? But, then again...It also gave us all something else to think about...So, that was good. I heard we're PROABABLY doing Summer Reading again next year too....Who would have ever "thunk" it?

I would DEFINITELY particiapte in another excercise similar to this. It is great to expand my horizons....Not Horizon, all you CIRC junkies...horizons. And, I like the "fellowship" and teaching aspect of the program. It was great celebrating each others' succcesses and laughing about our goofs. Anyone ever "goof" before??

23 Things was good....very good. It built us as individuals and helped us to grow as a team.

Am I done yet?

Is there a door to this thing?

Week Eight And Then Nine, At Last

Online productivity was cool...I'd like to write and publish a book...How about you?

I spent way too much time "exploring" the 2.0 Awards site...But, then called it "work"....How good does it get?

YouTube is fun and could cause me to waste much time....I like to look at the old stuff, the new stuff, the dog stuff, the cat stuff, the...Opps! See what I mean?

Boy #2 is a podcaster, a podcaster for sure....We both like to listen to podcasts galore:--)

Relevant magazine has a podcast I listen to with some frequency...But, is that truly relevant?? You be the judge.

Week Six and Then Seven

These weeks, quite frankly, were the most boring for me. Tagging was new and so not so bad.

Social networking is something boys # 1, 2 and 3 have taught me through IMMERSION...I'm a MySpace Pro and a FaceBook one too....It's the way of the world I know...But, I'd rather have coffee or tea with my friends:--)

Wikipedia is a homework must for us...And, SandBox wiki was fun to explore....

But, YouTube makes me laugh...So, I'm on to Week 8!!

Week Four and Week Five

Bloglines was fun and I enjoyed it quite well.

But, the online generators were simply quite swell.

I made "myself" bike.

I made "myself" hike.

I danced on the beach.

And ran completely out of rhymes:---)

Week Three For Me

I loved adding photos....Can you tell?

Sons 1, 2, and 3 helped me....And, of course, the dogs....

Here I go (or there I went anyway)...On to Week # 4....


OK...So, I started way back in the summer. And, now, I suppose I should blog about something that actually pertains to 23 Things:--)

Week 1 and Week 2 were not so difficult. And, my teenagers helped me.....And, made fun of me too....But, then, what are kids for anyway?

See? I set up a blog...All by myself....Almost:--)

Monday, September 17, 2007